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The Oppmann Story

In 1833 at the age of fifteen, Michael Oppmann began his apprenticeship in the Hofkellerei.
Even as a journeyman he he took care of himself, relying only on his modest personal funds in the campaign to discover the secrets of the sparkling wine. Following his apprenticeship, he made short stays in Spain, Holland and the Rhine wine country.
Finally, in 1850, Michael Oppmann was able to open his own winery.
Due to his quality products, he was soon appointed to deliver his wine to the Bavarian King.
The other wineries were older than his, but his proved to be better. After the death of his daughter, the winery changed hands but continued until 1991.

Wine was a family business however and as a result, the name Oppmann, is still known as the champagne of Franconia. Sektkellerei J. Oppmann, as we know it today, was founded in 1865 by Michael’s nephew, Josef Oppmann, who was born on October 17, 1843. His father Ludwig Oppmann also had a wine professional, he was the vineyard inspector in royal service.

Josef Oppmann acquired the art of making sparkling wine in the cellars of Champagne.
He must have been a man of great energy and high skill, because when he started his own business, he was just 23 years old. In a short time his winery became one of the top addresses in Germany: Champagne made by J. Oppmann gots high awards at several World Fairs, such as 1871 in Vienna. At that time 100,000 bottles Oppmann sparkling wines were sold annually. Before the turn of the century, the company was converted into a corporation.The winery was named "royal purveyor". Then the sekt was named “Sekt of the House” at world exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, Philadelphia and Sydney. The persistent rise of the company was suddenly interrupted on the 16th of March 1945. In the devastating bomb attack, the main winery buildings were completely destroyed. However, because the most  important facilities for producing sparkling wine were underground, they remained widely intact. As a result J. Oppmann was able to produce sparking wine again starting 1947.